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June 9, 2009

I’ve heard loads and loads of people talk about the greatness that is FFFFOUND! Basically it’s a bookmarking system that allows you to save and share your favorite images from the web.

For a person like me, who is constantly looking at design, photography, crafts, inspiration, (okay just about everything) this seemed like the ideal system for me to keep my stuff organized.

However, the thing is by invite only. Blast!

But most importantly, is only supported for Windows and IE. Um … yuck. That’s just not going to happen.

So here’s to you, FFFFOUND!: a photo of a gorgeous living room, with all of it’s redish-orange and cyan goodness, I pulled onto my desktop last week. I have no idea where I got the thing, and I’ll never know, thanks to you.


Disclaimer: I realize this post might seem mean, but it’s really just dripping with sarcasm. (I swear!) I hope the folks at FFFFOUND! find it in their hearts to both invite me and make it Mac friendly. I would be a happy user.

And I don’t blame them in anyway for my lack of organization.