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Artizone illustrations and flow chart

April 12, 2011

Excuse me while I type without my left pointer finger. I chopped off a huge amount of my nail while peeling potatoes last night. Meow.

Anywho, as promised I’m really excited to show you the custom illustrations and flow chart banner I designed for one of my newest clients, Artizone.


Artizone, for all of you non-Dallas folk, is a gourmet food delivery service. Genius! They deliver goods from the butcher or cheese shop or the bakery (getting the picture?) straight to your door. You can literally be eating La Duni’s famous Cuatro Leches Cake in your pajamas with a click of a few buttons.

Dangerous, I know.


They launched a full redesign of their website yesterday, so that it’s iPhone and iPad friendly. It’s all about ordering on the go. They hired me to create a flow chart that visually explains, well … how their works.


If you are living in the Dallas area, you really need to get on board and use their gourmet delivery service. They have a million other yummies and even a foodie blog filled with some salivating recipes.

Now if only we had Artizone here in Chicago. Then I’d probably still have that nail right now.