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April 7, 2011

In between freelance projects and trying to get outside to enjoy the post-freezing weather, I’ve been rearranging the living room layout once again. If memory serves, this will be the fourth arrangement we’ve had in the last eight months.

Expedit bookshelf, Corona sofa, green sofa, vintage Chicago apartment

There are so many open doorways and not enough wall space. Believe me, I long for a solid wall to put the sofa against and (gasp!) have end tables with lamps and everything. But that’s just not the case here because it we did that, the TV would be non-viewable and let’s be honest, that’s what we do in the living TV room.

Here’s what it looked like back during the holidays:

Christmas tree, mini schnauzer, green sofa, Corona sofa, vintage Chicago apartment

As you can see, I’ve switched out a bunch of accessories to brighten the place up during summer. The Expedit serves as a console table and it topped with a few of my favorite things.

Now we can actually look at the fireplace, faux or not. The small changes really make it feel like a whole new place, huh?

PS: Oh yes, that is Godzilla on the floor. He’s part of the security system.