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Gimme, gimme more.

October 7, 2009

More plate stands have been added to the shop.

Go take a look.

Cupcake Love

And while you’re at it, think about the holidays that are fastly approaching. We’re here for you.

And now that Britney song is stuck in my head; go figure.


How it’s made. {Duex}

September 12, 2009

{This is part Duex of the ‘How it’s made’ post. See part Une here.}

After everything for the web was completed for Saucers & Milk, it was time to move on the the printed materials by Studio 67.

I knew from the beginning, I wanted to include a tag on the plate stand with each order that went out, especially if we ever get into craft fairs and have a booth.

I bought the Clever Lever Extra Giga Craft Punch in 2.5 inches. Then I designed a tag in Illustrator, with a .25 bleed, for the blue on the outside. After having them printed on thick card stock, I cut each by hand, punched a hole and added a bit of ribbon.

Mid Cut
Mid Cut 2
Tag in hand

Finally, I knew that sending our lovely upcycled vintage plate stands was going to be a wee bit of an issue. They are not the most delicate things, but certainly not the most sturdy.

So I created a shipping label that not only included the essentials: return address and sender info., but also something that clearly marks that the box is, indeed, “extremely fragile.” These were printed on full sheet labels by Avery and hand cut by yours truly.

Labels pre cut pic

There you have it folks. We at S/M are 100% ready for your business. In fact, we made four more stands today, because we are so buzzed and happy to be making something we heart, big time.

How it’s made. {Une}

September 12, 2009

We here at MHB are so excited! Raquel and I made our first sale at the shop, faster than I could close Firefox, after I put the listings up.

And while that’s just peachy, I was a bit overwhelmed knowing I didn’t have all of the designs ready. So after staying up way past my bedtime most nights this week, everything worked out and our first package is on its way to San Fransisco.

So what have I been doing at Studio 67, exactly? Wel, in this post, we’re going to focus on the web designs. Let’s go!

First, with any good Etsy shop, I knew it was not only important to have a good name, but equally impressive logo, banner and avatar. These are the face of your company and you want people to actually think it looks like you know what you are doing.


Another interesting tid bit of a good Etsy shop? Good photography.

It’s so sad when I see someone’s products for sale, but the pic is dark and out of focus and it’s hard to even really see what the darn thing looks like.


Raquel (hire her, she’s great!) took the photos and I edited them, using a nifty Photoshop action I found on Twitter.

It’s called Seventies and it makes me so happy. You can download them here. They are all quite wonderful.

Up next, part Duex: the printed materials.

Owl ya doin’?

September 8, 2009

I ended up taking home this little guy when Raquel and I did some estate sale shopping over the weekend. We got a lot of “supplies” for our Etsy shop, including a bar cart we are going to fix up. Pictures are promised, maybe even a little step by step action? Okay, you talked me into it.

owl 1

I’ve got so many projects on my plate at the moment, and it’s a bit overwhelming. Pardon my delay if the blogs lows down for a bit.

Saucers & Milk

September 6, 2009

The long awaited day has finally arrived! My friend Raquel and I have launched our Etsy shop, tastefully called Saucers & Milk.

Together, we have handcrafted cake stands made out of founds objects, such as vintage saucers and plates, candle sticks and wine/martini glasses.

If you remember, I had done a little hinting to our project a few weeks ago, when I showed you some shots I took while we were actually putting together our stands.

Our friend Kari did the baking, we did a little photo shoot and editing, and viola! Our modest bazaar was born.

I’m not only excited to share this with you, but also happy to work along side with one of my oldest friends. We’re talking since junior high here, people.

Over the next few days, I’ll share with you what Studio 67 created (ok, that’s just me!) for our little shop. They include some swell tags, address labels and web banners.

Saucers & Milk Storefront

What are you waiting on? Go out and buy one before they are all gone!

Just like a circus.

August 22, 2009

Happy weekend everyone! I just bought this print. Clearly I have a thing for orange and an even bigger thing for schnauzers. I’m going to pretend that’s Oliver levitating Mr. Spencer.


I would really love to order the rest in the circus theme, but alas, that will have to be another day.


Love :)

Behind the scenes.

August 10, 2009

Here is a little peek at what I’m working on with my gal pals Raquel and Kari.





(Really, that was just an excuse to use the words gal pals. Tee hee …)

Stay tuned for more details.

Crush Alert!

July 10, 2009

I have such a crush on the tops from Lizzy Brookes‘s Etsy shop. She takes plain tees, adds a little something girlie and … viola!

Instant cuteness.


The ‘Ladies and Gentlemen Wear Your Bow Tie Please‘ (above) is a personal favorite!

Maybe I should take a crack at it …

So very Carrie

June 26, 2009

As soon as I walked into work the other day, everyone mentioned how my outfit was so very Carrie Bradshaw. Mind you, I wasn’t in a single couture item, not even in a true heel or anything really Carrie. But I was wearing one very large flower brooch on my cardigan, so I guess that made me Carrie Bradshaw for the day.

Let’s be honest. I have an addiction to accessories. And my latest love is the brooch. So here are a few drool-worthy one’s I’m loving right now:


1. Calexandra 2. Be Gurple 3. The Brooch Boutique 4. A Alicia Accessories 5. Icing 101 6. Joesp

What are these called?

June 8, 2009

I know what they are and the purpose they serve, but can’t help to admit I have not a clue what they are called. Do you???


I was recently perusing a crafty gal’s blog when I came across these little looms, (that’s what I’m pretending they are called from now on) filled with the cutest fabric in them. What a brilliant idea! I quickly ran to Joann‘s and grabbed some scrap fabric and the little “looms” so I could make some myself. It’s super easy and a quick way to throw up some art on your walls.


I will admit: I’m not in love with any of the fabrics I picked out. They were all samples for $1 and I just wanted something to fill them up with. I plan to take my time to find some really great coordinating textiles … something more along the lines of this sold out goodness:


Found at WhipstitchFabrics‘s Esty shop. (Via True Up.)

Right now, as I’m in the process of packing, they aren’t up and pretty on the walls yet, but I’ll be sure to photograph, once I’m all moved in. I may even grab a few more “looms” while I’m at it …