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Artizone illustrations and flow chart

April 12, 2011

Excuse me while I type without my left pointer finger. I chopped off a huge amount of my nail while peeling potatoes last night. Meow.

Anywho, as promised I’m really excited to show you the custom illustrations and flow chart banner I designed for one of my newest clients, Artizone.


Artizone, for all of you non-Dallas folk, is a gourmet food delivery service. Genius! They deliver goods from the butcher or cheese shop or the bakery (getting the picture?) straight to your door. You can literally be eating La Duni’s famous Cuatro Leches Cake in your pajamas with a click of a few buttons.

Dangerous, I know.


They launched a full redesign of their website yesterday, so that it’s iPhone and iPad friendly. It’s all about ordering on the go. They hired me to create a flow chart that visually explains, well … how their works.


If you are living in the Dallas area, you really need to get on board and use their gourmet delivery service. They have a million other yummies and even a foodie blog filled with some salivating recipes.

Now if only we had Artizone here in Chicago. Then I’d probably still have that nail right now.



March 28, 2011

Listened to some good tunes and did several miles of walking this weekend. The lake was choppy and it’s been cold here again. I think it snowed in the middle of last night. It’s good to clear my head, as I’m trying to figure out the next phase of my business.

I can’t help but think this guy looks really interesting. I wonder who Esther is …


March 10, 2011

Heyo! Back from New York, but I’ve been put to work. Pardon my absence while I complete some big projects over at Studio 67.

hand lettering, menu design, floral illustration, sketching

Oh … and we have family coming in for Spring Break on Friday. Busy, busy, busy. See you next week sometime.

Invitation Crush

November 30, 2010

Hey y’all!

Find my We’ve Moved postcards featured on Invitation Crush today. Kristen from Paper Crave launched this new shop & blog earlier this year and features some pretty snazzy invites.

Studio 67 is honored to be in such good company.

Studio 67 Designs, moving announcement, 'We've Moved' card, Chicago postcard, "Mid-Century Modern Moving Announcements"

Self Promo

November 22, 2010

I designed this postcard awhile back for my current clients and got around to taking some photos of the postcard before it gets archived to my portfolio this weekend.

We've Moved announcement

The skyline has been hand-drawn in Illustrator and the argyle pattern was created in Photoshop. I’ll be the first to admit I have a huge thing for creating seemless patterns. It’s an addiction.

We've Moved announcement
And if you’re curious (of course you are! ), the card was printed on Sunshine in cover weight from Paper Source, but I’m switching to Curry in the future, as it’s a much more sophisticated yellow.

We've Moved announcement

So if you are in need of some friendly design work from am nice freelance designer in Chicago, email me. I’m don’t complain much.

* Address has been changed.

Portfolio preview

September 3, 2010

Studio 67, Studio 67 Designs, Kristina Walton, Kristina Walton's portfolio, felt balls

I’ve been working on my portfolio for most of the day. Remember when I blogged about it way back in March? I hadn’t touched it since then. How embarrassing.

I’ve been uploading new stuff all day and plan to shoot full campaigns tomorrow (if there’s good light). Eventually all will be done because I’ve found a few nice places to submit my pieces to and I’m getting excited!

I need to get out of this apartment before I go crazy. Sleeping in all morning and taking lazy walks around the park with Oliver really does loose its appeal after awhile.

I promise.

Okay, enough complaining. Take a peek at my portfolio in progress.

PS: Don’t you just love the felt balls? I picked these up in Dallas at CityCraft a few months ago. I hear they are expanding their space. Another reason to make a quick trip back home. Happy Labor Day!

MHB redesign and a bit of ranting (sorta)

May 6, 2010

I certainly didn’t mean to take a three week break. … Well, technically I was actually working behind the scenes. If you haven’t notices, My Heart Behaves got a face lift! I’m not really sure if it’s a permanent lift, but things are definitely different around here. I designed a new logo that coordinates with Studio 67′s and used a different template, as I was sooooo tired of the one I selected on a whim, when I first started the blog in 2008.

Things aren’t 100% yet, (WordPress is confusing!) but it’s on the way to something great. Eventually I will even launch my portfolio site. One day, people. One day.


Moving on (literally), time is just flying by at a very chaotic time in my life. It’s good chaos, but still. It’s left little time to blog or read blogs. Boo! My parents have purchased a house in Ft. Worth, near a gorgeous lake and weekends have been occupied with helping them pack and move. They have a TON of stuff, considering the last time they moved was 1984.

And drum roll please! We are moving in two weeks to the old house, yes my childhood home, to do a bit of saving over the summer. Needless to say, I’m doing some major downsizing and purging and it feels pretty good to get rid of so much stuff.

It’s also been a lot of fun to find pictures from high school at my parents house, too. Hmm … I’m really going to have to spend some major time in front of the scanner soon. Another day …

(Illustration from Akacorleone)

Stampin It Up

April 7, 2010

I got a stamp made a couple of weeks ago over at They did a fab job!

So far, I’ve only got one color of ink in a canary yellow, but clearly it’s a tad on the light side. I’m debating over mixing me own to match the Pantone color of my logo or just nix the yellows all together and stick with a gray.

It’s official.

September 25, 2009

Can I just say how much a little “staycation” has changed my life? As cliche as the term is, it’s been really lovely to have these last three days off. (I’m slightly jealous that Daniel took the entire week off!) We both had lots-o-stuff on our ‘To Do’ list and I can honestly say that I can check off almost everything and it’s just Friday.

So what’s have I been up to? Well … drum roll please … I am officially announcing that I am the sole owner of my very own legit biz … Studio 67 {designs}. I’m practically hugging myself!

records building

I finally had a chance to run down to the Records Building here in Dallas (see the pic I snapped earlier, above) and fill out the required paper work, so that I can do business as Studio 67 Designs. I had to actually add the “Designs” part to my business name because there’s another Studio 67 floating around out there. Who knew?

This marks a significant day for me, career-wise. Can’t wait to see what happens!