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May 13, 2011

Suddenly it’s a million degrees outside. Okay, maybe not a million, but it has gotten into the upper 80s, which ain’t so cool when you don’t have central air.

As much as I complain about the lack of a thermostat in my abode, truth be told, I actually prefer it. We have FREE heat (yes, you read that right!) in the apartment through the radiators, but have to supply the cool air through the eye-sore that is a window unit. But free heat and window units make for teeny tiny energy bills, so no complaints here.

Well, except for the kitchen. I refuse to purchase a window unit for the kitchen because I don’t spend enough time in there to justify the cost, so last summer I had a little desk-sized fan going most of the time. But it’s time to upgrade. Because as small as that little fan it, it sounds like a commercial-grade fan whenever it’s on.

OK, enough with the chit chat. These are some of the options I’m looking into getting. High marks if it oscillates.

vintage table fan

clockwise: 1. Retro Fan 2. Hunter Fan Classic Table Fan 3. Minka Aire F300-RD 4. Vornado VF20 60th Anniversay Classic Table Fan

The Vornado is almost $300, so it’s a total splurge. Pretty on the eyes, but if you’ve learned anything from this post, it’s that I’m cheap. Moving on … it’s either a toss-up between the Minka-Aire and the Hunter.


Coffee Filter Light Fixture

April 17, 2011

Hello free stuff! I literally saw my neighbor throwing out an old floor lamp and grabbed the yucky shade as soon as her back door shut. I realize that this points out the obvious, that I have no life. Sigh …

When I brought it in, I knew I wanted to use it in the bedroom, where we’ve been staring at a bare bulb on the ceiling forever. I’ve seen the whole coffee filter light fixtures floating around online and decided to go that direction, instead of recovering it in amother fabric. My logic? I thought this would be easier.

Well that’s where I was wrong.

I just dove straight in with no directions. About a third of the way through, I saw my errors, but there was little I could do about it at that point. To make a long story shorter, I should have placed the filters much, much closer together. But after spending hours getting high off of Mod Podge gluing around 200 filters onto the shade, I called it quits. I hung the whole thing up with a clip on bulb adapter.

I figure if I really, really care (and right now I soooooo don’t) I can go back and add about another 200 filters and make it look really fancy and full like this awesome one. And probably a light diffuser, if I’m to be completely honest.

It’s giant, boyfriend approved and peeks out at you anytime you pass the door way. Me loves.


April 7, 2011

In between freelance projects and trying to get outside to enjoy the post-freezing weather, I’ve been rearranging the living room layout once again. If memory serves, this will be the fourth arrangement we’ve had in the last eight months.

Expedit bookshelf, Corona sofa, green sofa, vintage Chicago apartment

There are so many open doorways and not enough wall space. Believe me, I long for a solid wall to put the sofa against and (gasp!) have end tables with lamps and everything. But that’s just not the case here because it we did that, the TV would be non-viewable and let’s be honest, that’s what we do in the living TV room.

Here’s what it looked like back during the holidays:

Christmas tree, mini schnauzer, green sofa, Corona sofa, vintage Chicago apartment

As you can see, I’ve switched out a bunch of accessories to brighten the place up during summer. The Expedit serves as a console table and it topped with a few of my favorite things.

Now we can actually look at the fireplace, faux or not. The small changes really make it feel like a whole new place, huh?

PS: Oh yes, that is Godzilla on the floor. He’s part of the security system.

Good design

April 1, 2011

Is this wall cleat not the smartest thing ever? I can’t tell you how much I hate all of the dusty cords tangled behind all my furniture.

Smart, smart, smart.

Found via Pinterest.

Oh, Miss Spade

March 24, 2011

This has the potential to be very exciting from the Kate Spade brand …

Russian alphabet

February 23, 2011

I’ve always had a soft spot for Russia in my head. The tragic story of Nicholas II was really the only bit of history I can remember actively being interested in during high school. Well, besides FDR. I’ve always loved me some Roosevelt. He collected stamps. Did you know that?

Russian Alphabet poster

This Russian alphabet poster designed by Carson Ellis, one of my favorite illustrators, is clever. Really clever.

I love the little drawings and how it’s a bit kooky. The pictures represent something in our alphabet, yet remain in their original Russian spelling. So the C for Cow is actually Kopoba.

I’m on board for any language where the K is more popular than the C.

Yes, yes, it’s Kristina with a K. I’m tired of saying that now.

PS: I’ve finally been utilizing Pinterest. You can see how this poster would be perfection in my bedroom ideas. Check it here.

I’m spicy

February 21, 2011

I realize this picture is less than exciting, but I figured I need to illustrate my frustrations. I’ve been doing so much more cooking and baking since I’ve been working from home. It can be fun, rewarding and (mostly) tasty! But at the same time, it can be time consuming, painful (I’ve burned myself too many times) and above all, messy.

I’ve accumulated more and more spices, all in these mismatched bottles. Several are in plastic baggies in the big glass jar. Now I know it’s not a huge thing, but my eye likes uniformity. I need everything to match. Plus the constant digging around for what is what is not really working for me, either.

I’ve been shopping online for some reasonably priced spice jars. Having around 50 in my pantry, I would like to keep them below one dollar each. But this is where it gets complicated. Who knew those little glass jars could get so pricey?

spice jars

I’m thinking of going with these from World Market or these from The Container Store. Maybe even adding something like a strip of chalkboard contact paper to label them? The thought is that I will be constantly adding the collection, so something I could just hand write on would be ideal.


February 16, 2011

I’ve made a teeny tiny mudroom behind the backdoor of the kitchen. Using a few letterpress hooks, they hold coats, leashes and whatnot’s. I stuck a saxophone case on the ground to use as a boot tray.

Mudroom in kitchen, Le Bag, saxaphone case

This is the second makeshift mudroom in our apartment. We have a small hallway right off the bedroom where all of the other coats and scarves and hats go. For this, we installed the Portis hat rack and although it’s not really my style, it functions really, really well.

But really I must confess, I know how modest mine is in comparison to my dreams. You know, something for tons of hooks and cubbies and maybe even a bench to actually sit on, while putting on all those boots.

Mudroom via Southern Living


February 1, 2011

We picked up a Charley Harper puzzle (Mystery of the Missing Migrants) sometime before Christmas, when times were innocent and I thought the idea of putting together a puzzle actually sounded “fun.” Cut to a a few weeks later and our puzzlin’ adventure began.

Mystery of the Missing Migrants, Charley Harper puzzle

Hours and days (and a bit of bickering, if I’m to be completely honest) started to pass by, the puzzle taunting us at every piece. It would sit for a day or two, just staring at us as we watched television. It would scream “No liquids!” if we wanted to put a glass down. It became a full time job. But slowly, bird by bird, star by star, the chaos actually began to look like something.

Mystery of the Missing Migrants, Charley Harper puzzle

Mystery of the Missing Migrants, Charley Harper puzzle

A full week later and 1,000 pieces of torture under our belts, the puzzle was completed. And guess what? I could not bare the thought of tearing down of fruits of labor and had to frame the damn thing.

Mystery of the Missing Migrants, Charley Harper puzzle

So for now, it will sit atop the mantle (another thorn in my side) and remind me to never pick up a puzzle again.

PS: What do you think of the new pillows? I’m starting to think the big one looks like a Cosby sweater. Just me?

Christmas hit my livingroom

December 24, 2010

Corona Sofa

Enough teasing, already. Welcome to my livingroom.


I cringe at showing off my home, since it’s a continued work in progress. I just look at these pictures and thing, “Oh, I still have no rugs … Hmm, the mirror is tiny on the massive (and annoying) mantel … my walls are still white and my bookshelf is a hot mess.” But it’s Christmas and I felt like sharing.

So here’s how my home got Christmafied this year.

Mid Century Modern Christmas, Corona Sofa,Green Sofa, Mini Schnauzer

Painted Fireplace, Ikea Stockings

Pine cones, vintage milk glass, vintage Christmas decor

Chicago Subway Poster, Ikea Stockings

expedit bookshelf

vintage Chicago apartment, Christmas bunting

Did you see; I finally painted the fireplace! More on that later. As for everything else, I purchased the ‘Merry Christmas’ bunting at Target, along with the two wooden trees you see on the Expedit. The rest I’ve had from years past, including those adorable stockings from last years seasonal from Ikea.

I went a little crazy with the yarn on the mantel.

No clue.

Other than that, I made the little poofs hanging off the branches and that was the extent of my craftiness. The end.