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April 11, 2011

Well hello, Monday. You came a lot faster than I expected.

This weekend was mucho random. First, I worked quite a bit. I can’t wait to show you’ve what I’ve been doing. As soon as it goes live, you’ll be the first to see!

Second, I’d like to point out that we found ourselves in the burbs at a Chili’s. Yes, Chili’s.

I’d like to pretend that we were trying to be ironic, while sipping on an El Presidente, but I’d be lying. It was more like poor planning and it was right next to the theater we were going to. And hey, the parking’s free. That’s kind of a big deal here.

Can I just say this, before we move on to the pretty pictures? I don’t think I’ve eaten at the mega-chain shaped like a giant pepper in (at minimum) two years. Maybe three … and there’s reason why. I feel like I’m still detoxing the next day from all of the salt added in their food. Seriously, don’t expect me to be ordering an Oldtimer anytime soon. OK, maybe if I’m stuck in an airport for more than four hours. But that’s the only exception.

OK, now for the best part. Ready?

We went to the beach.

I know, I know … it’s just a beach. But that’s where you’re wrong. It was a taste of freedom. A small bite of what the spring and summer will be like here. Not having to wear a uniform of super-thick coat, snow boots and a puffy vest.

Flip-flops! T-shirts and shorts! Glorious sun! Freedom!

So here’s what Foster Avenue Beach looked like yesterday. Expect me here every weekend.

foster avenue beach


Let me upgrade ya

March 25, 2011

Okay, let me geek out for a bit. Obviously, there has been an upgrade in my life.

I just got the iPhone 4, after shattering the screen on my 3G on St. Patty’s day. Yes, an adult beverage may have been involved. I was trying to hold out because Apple is rumored to have a new phone out sometime this summer. But I got this refurb for $99, which is about the same price to get a new screen put on.

My 3G was on it’s last leg, as I had actually just been over at the Genius Bar getting her serviced a couple of weeks ago. It was so old, ancient is tech terms, and was having trouble doing anything from taking a picture to bringing up Google Maps, which is so very important to me anytime I step outside my little apartment.

So far I’ve had my new gal by my side all day long and the camera is ah-mazing! I’m just so excited by it.

{I snapped this in my kitchen.}

But the best part … the VERY best part … was FaceTiming with my Dad tonight all the way in Ft. Worth, Texas. It was just like I was sitting in the den with him and Mom, talking and laughing. I miss them so much.

Okay, I’ll get off my nerd box now. Back to pretty things.

PS: I realize I’m basically just gushing over Apple here, like a bad school girl crush. And I’m not even paid for it.


January 12, 2011

Pardon my absence, y’all. I have taken a long break for fun and relaxation while D is on break from law school. We’ve been having fun. It’s nice.

In other news, I’m totally annoyed at myself.

I found this lovely image from Victoria’s blog and cringed. Actually more like yelled a whiny-tantrum uncool sound and pronounced, “I told you so” to a certain someone.

vintage switchplates

You see, while all of these vintage switch plates are just yummy, I found the ones I circled in my parents garage a couple of weeks ago. They are selling have sold the house I grew up in and while we were down, I went through a lot of my old things and snagged some fun stuff. But when I found a pile of those switch plates (original to the house), I was in love but D and my Dad quickly talked me out of them.

Lesson learned, kids. If you love something, don’t let it get away.

Image via WLWL Magazine.

MHB redesign and a bit of ranting (sorta)

May 6, 2010

I certainly didn’t mean to take a three week break. … Well, technically I was actually working behind the scenes. If you haven’t notices, My Heart Behaves got a face lift! I’m not really sure if it’s a permanent lift, but things are definitely different around here. I designed a new logo that coordinates with Studio 67′s and used a different template, as I was sooooo tired of the one I selected on a whim, when I first started the blog in 2008.

Things aren’t 100% yet, (WordPress is confusing!) but it’s on the way to something great. Eventually I will even launch my portfolio site. One day, people. One day.


Moving on (literally), time is just flying by at a very chaotic time in my life. It’s good chaos, but still. It’s left little time to blog or read blogs. Boo! My parents have purchased a house in Ft. Worth, near a gorgeous lake and weekends have been occupied with helping them pack and move. They have a TON of stuff, considering the last time they moved was 1984.

And drum roll please! We are moving in two weeks to the old house, yes my childhood home, to do a bit of saving over the summer. Needless to say, I’m doing some major downsizing and purging and it feels pretty good to get rid of so much stuff.

It’s also been a lot of fun to find pictures from high school at my parents house, too. Hmm … I’m really going to have to spend some major time in front of the scanner soon. Another day …

(Illustration from Akacorleone)

Milk Glass Love

August 8, 2009

So I’m spending the weekend at my parents house in good ol’ South Irving. (Texas, that is.) They went to Florida for a few days and it’s just easier to stay at their casa to watch the puppies, than drag them to a fourth floor apartment, no bigger than 600 square feet. (No joke.)

It’s nice being here. Sure the bed is rock hard and my room is long gone from the days when I lived here. But it’s home non-the-less.

What’s been kinda fun is exploring all of the “vintage” stuff my parents have. I use the quotes because it’s not really vintage to them. What I consider to be a kitschy Pyrex mixing bowl set is just what Mom used for so many years to get food on the table. Sure, it’s in the lower pantry now, of things she no longer uses, but it’s a cool window into their past and I kinda love it.

I went to a little antique store and bought a few pieces, so watch the blog for more milk glass love to come.


This is a swanky little vintage piece of milk glass from Avon, no less. Loves it!

(Found via Mom Walds Place on Flickr. She’s also got a blog and an Etsy shop, so watch out!)


May 7, 2009

I don’t think you have to be a designer (or font lover like yours truly) to truly experience the greatness that is this video. You just have to have a sense of humor and eyes and ears. It’s just that good. Go Team Helvetica!

Happy weekend everyone! I’m going to The Modern in Ft. Worth this weekend. I have been itchin’ to go and rarely make it to Tarrant Country, so it will be a day of joy. Also, Happy Mother’s Day to all the bad ass mama’s out there, too! You ladies rock and make the world go round.

Love you Mom!
-1+Mom and Dad in Mexico, 2008.

n1526774696_30304178_5624605Mom and Dad on his first Harley, 2008.

Palin’s Hood

February 20, 2009
<i> Me in my favorite shirt, circa 1998, in Portland, Oregon. I have no clue what happend to the shirt and now I'm suddenly sad. </i>

Me in my favorite shirt, circa 1998, in Portland, Oregon. I have no clue what happend to the shirt and now I'm suddenly sad.

Should I splurge $500 for a flight to Alaska? (This is from Seattle, not DFW, mind you.) My parents are going next summer and I would REALLY love to go visit family I have there. I haven’t seen them since I was 20 and they lived in Portland …

And, um, it’s Alaska!

I’ll keep you posted as further developments happen. The idea was just presented to me.

Say what you need to say

February 13, 2009

<i>Me, at 28.</i>

Me, at 28.

So, I’ve mentioned John Mayer in my last two blogs; how random. (The headline to this is from his song “Say” and he is on my Mixed Well entry.) I’m not really sure why, but I’ve been in a Mayer Mood lately.

So what do I need to say?

THANK YOU! Really, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for all of the lovely surprises, deliveries, flowers, balloons, sweets and love on my 28th birthday. I truly appreciate each of you and have found myself more touched this year than many birthdays in the past.

Despite the fact that I was at work uploading this week’s content to our web site, I had a great day: Flowers came from my wonderful parents, Robert and Gwen … lunch at Village Burger Bar with Chance, Chris and Ramon the Mexican (who thinks he’s white) … a G I A N T cookie delivered from Tara (see pictures!) … and a homemade sheet cake from Kris Martin at work. And then after pulling a 13 hour day at the office, the cherry on top was the birthday cards from Raquel, Zoe and Pilar attached to a balloon and candy bar waiting at my from door.

Additionally, I had a million phone calls with well wishes, including one at 12:01 am from Alyssa, who was so proud to be the first to tell me Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow is pedis with Tara and dinner with my besties at Uncle Julio’s. I couldn’t ask for more and really appreciate all of my great friends in my life. 8•) It truly means so much to me. Thank you, thank you all, as I near closer and closer to 30!

Now here are some fabulous pictures of my day:

Flowers delivered to my office from Mom and Dad.

Flowers delivered from Mom and Dad.

A cookie delivered to my office from (ash she put on the card) TBax/Cag

A surprise cookie from (as she put on the card) TBax/Cag.

The sheet cake Kris Martin made for me.

The sheet cake Kris Martin made for me and card from everyone in the office.

And finally:

A present at my front door!

A present at my front door!