NYC Flea Showdown

My weekend in New York has come and gone. There was some really good times and some bad.

I won’t lie.

The weather was kind of a total nightmare. We were prepared for rain, but not the freezing pour that lasted an entire 24 hours. The original flea market we had planned to visit was closed due to said weather, but we did find a giant “garage” space somewhere in Midtown to peruse. Here’s the things that caught my fancy.

(Please keep in mind I didn’t have my camera, so everything is grainy iPhone 3G goodness.)

{The crowds}

{Yummy, yet super pricey, coffee tables}

{Crazy fixture that would look awesome in hot pink spray paint. Just me?}

And because I promised something odd and polarizing, here you go.

Sadly, no one in my group bought a thing. Even though it was a Sunday, and they were literally packing everything up, no one wanted to make a deal. And everything was really, really (no, really!) over-priced. Like 50 bones for tiny brass randomness. No thanks.

OK, with all that said, I’m still thinking about these guys. Sigh …

{Love this print!}

{I think they were asking $80 for this. Just no, duh.}


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