New York state of mind

Hey you! I’m in New York for a long girls-only weekend. I’ve only been to the Big Apple one time before, in 2007, where I broke my ankle the second day in.

Needless to say, NYC is not the place to be on crutches. None of the subway stations had handicap access, just the dreaded stairs. All I really remember about that trip was the amount of steps I climbed, both up and down. It didn’t matter, it hurt like hell either direction. So whaa? Who cares? It’s New York!

{Day one, pre-fall from my first iPhone, October 2007}

But 2011 will be different. I know it. For starters, I always wear an ankle brace whenever I travel now. I ain’t dump.

No real huge plans, but maybe look for us on Good Morning America come Monday. And oh, the flea markets! We plan to peruse the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market at some point. Probably on Sunday, when it’s predicted to rain kittens and puppies. (They’re cuter.) Hopefully I’ll come back with something odd and polarizing. Finger’s crossed!



3 Responses to “New York state of mind”

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    […] not the freezing pour that lasted an entire 24 hours. The original flea market we had planned to visit was closed due to said weather, but we did find a giant “garage” space somewhere in […]

  2. erin Says:

    I’m so jealous!!! There are a million places I want to see in New York. That is so fun you’re on a girls weekend. :) I always wanted to do New York for my 30th birthday, which you know was last month, but I had a baby. Darn. Please find something odd and polarizing! :)

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