The Tiffany Ceiling

The Tiffany Ceiling at Macy's on State Street

The Tiffany Ceiling at Macy’s on State Street is one of my most favorite things ever. If I’m doing a bit of shopping there, I always make it a point to see it. Today I snapped these really quickly, so you guys could see.

The Tiffany Ceiling at Macy's on State Street

According to their website the ceiling was installed in 1907 and “contains over 1.6 million pieces and is the largest unbroken example of Tiffany Favrile glass in the world.” Wowza!

If you are ever in the neighborhood, you must (I repeat, must!) stop at this Macy’s. It’s the second largest in the country and is a true gem. It’s kind of like a labyrinth in there, but a true old fashioned department store. You know the kind, where you can have cocktails for lunch, get a mani/pedi and just get lost in all the history … er, clothes!

Now that sounds like a perfect day.

Last photo from Angie Naron via Flickr.


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4 Responses to “The Tiffany Ceiling”

  1. jennifer o Says:

    that looks incredible. you wouldn’t find anything like that around these backwoods part.

    • Kristina Says:

      What area do you live in? I’m originally from Dallas and we have the first Neiman Marcus, but everything else has been torn down for the new and fancy, so I can relate.

  2. erin Says:

    Wow! That is beautiful! Sounds like a fun day to me…

    • Kristina Says:

      As long as you are in the right shows! I was desperate to wear something other than a snow boot when I was over there and ended up with major blisters.

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