Russian alphabet

I’ve always had a soft spot for Russia in my head. The tragic story of Nicholas II was really the only bit of history I can remember actively being interested in during high school. Well, besides FDR. I’ve always loved me some Roosevelt. He collected stamps. Did you know that?

Russian Alphabet poster

This Russian alphabet poster designed by Carson Ellis, one of my favorite illustrators, is clever. Really clever.

I love the little drawings and how it’s a bit kooky. The pictures represent something in our alphabet, yet remain in their original Russian spelling. So the C for Cow is actually Kopoba.

I’m on board for any language where the K is more popular than the C.

Yes, yes, it’s Kristina with a K. I’m tired of saying that now.

PS: I’ve finally been utilizing Pinterest. You can see how this poster would be perfection in my bedroom ideas. Check it here.


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