I’m spicy

I realize this picture is less than exciting, but I figured I need to illustrate my frustrations. I’ve been doing so much more cooking and baking since I’ve been working from home. It can be fun, rewarding and (mostly) tasty! But at the same time, it can be time consuming, painful (I’ve burned myself too many times) and above all, messy.

I’ve accumulated more and more spices, all in these mismatched bottles. Several are in plastic baggies in the big glass jar. Now I know it’s not a huge thing, but my eye likes uniformity. I need everything to match. Plus the constant digging around for what is what is not really working for me, either.

I’ve been shopping online for some reasonably priced spice jars. Having around 50 in my pantry, I would like to keep them below one dollar each. But this is where it gets complicated. Who knew those little glass jars could get so pricey?

spice jars

I’m thinking of going with these from World Market or these from The Container Store. Maybe even adding something like a strip of chalkboard contact paper to label them? The thought is that I will be constantly adding the collection, so something I could just hand write on would be ideal.


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3 Responses to “I’m spicy”

  1. Boot Tray Says:

    The small parts of the day like this sitting here after dark and you are not here i think of how we could not be so…

  2. Ana@Rearranged Design Says:

    I keep all my spices in a breadbox (a squared off one, the domed ones lack space). This keeps them dark and away from heat, which is what we’re all supposed to be doing.

    This way they can be in different bottles and it doesn’t matter.

  3. jenny o Says:

    I like the round World Market ones. They’re also a little cheaper…

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