I’ve made a teeny tiny mudroom behind the backdoor of the kitchen. Using a few letterpress hooks, they hold coats, leashes and whatnot’s. I stuck a saxophone case on the ground to use as a boot tray.

Mudroom in kitchen, Le Bag, saxaphone case

This is the second makeshift mudroom in our apartment. We have a small hallway right off the bedroom where all of the other coats and scarves and hats go. For this, we installed the Portis hat rack and although it’s not really my style, it functions really, really well.

But really I must confess, I know how modest mine is in comparison to my dreams. You know, something for tons of hooks and cubbies and maybe even a bench to actually sit on, while putting on all those boots.

Mudroom via Southern Living


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4 Responses to “Mudroom”

  1. Megan V. Says:

    I’ve had the Portis Hat Rack for a while, and I was wondering… do you have any tips on how to hang it securely?


    • Kristina Says:

      We have plaster walls, so hanging anything is a total nightmare and requires the use of concrete wall anchors. I could hang off that thing now and it would never break a sweat.

      • Megan V. Says:

        Yeah, I couldn’t find instructions anywhere! We have regular drywall so I went and bought those terrible butterfly screw things and it says it’ll hold up to 100 lbs. I suppose I wouldn’t need more than that for the hat rack…

      • Kristina Says:

        I know, Ikea has the worst directions ever. The pictures are so over-simplified that they are just funny to look at and not to actually use. Good luck!

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