Pot rack

This past weekend the boyfriend and I did a ton of small updates around the apartment. Top on my list were to install a coat rack for the impending winter months and get a pot rack hung.

All proved to be a huge pain in our sides as we watched our ancient walls crumble and crack as we drilled holes. Needless to say, I really know very little about Chicago apartments or the age of mine, but I’m betting this was put up in the 20s or 30s. I’m even more positive that brick is behind the drywall because you literally cannot get anything longer that about an inch and a half into the wall.

So basically I’m expecting it to fall at any moment. I’m not kidding.

Moving on, here’s what the pot rack looks like in my dated kitchen. It’s a cheapy, the Grundtal from IKEA and works great. I’ve been cooking a ton since we moved, as you can see from my well-worn pots and pans. It makes everything so much easier to get to, which is nice.

I’m still in the process of painting that fireplace before I take any pictures, but rest assured Tara. It will be painted before your visit.


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3 Responses to “Pot rack”

  1. Ivana | Love Ardently Says:

    looking nice! i love your tea towel and the adorable orla kierly jar peeking in the photo :)

  2. Home Says:

    Ah good ole Butter.

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