Lighting in the boudoir

I snapped this photo when we were touring places to live in Chicago earlier this month. This is the current light fixture in the new bedroom. Clearly it leaves less to be desired. In fact, it’s just down-right sad at the moment.

I’m not exactly looking to drop too much cash on an apartment fixture (of any kind, really), even if I plan to be there for awhile. After doing a bit of browsing online, I discovered the magical Schoolhouse Electric, a great sight that carries some reasonable vintage-inspired shades. Pardon the perspective, but I threw these shots together on the quick. So now I’m in decision-mode. Which to choose, which to choose …

PS: I promise this isn’t going to turn into a Chicago blog. I’m just super excited about our new adventure and our super cute apartment that goes with it. If you care to keep up with my design decisions, I’ve created a Flickr folder here. I’ll be adding more photos as the days lead up to our BIG move next month.


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4 Responses to “Lighting in the boudoir”

  1. Coffee Filter Light Fixture « My Heart Behaves Says:

    […] I brought it in, I knew I wanted to use it in the bedroom, where we’ve been staring at a bare bulb on the ceiling forever. I’ve seen the whole coffee filter light fixtures floating around […]

  2. Sarah B. Says:

    I love Schoolhouse Electric!

  3. Erin Says:

    Go with number three! Although I LOVE the turquoise in number 2… hard decision…

    I love hearing about your move and I hope you’ll blog about all your design decisions!!!

    • Kristina Says:

      I think it’s going to be number three. It goes best with the DwellStudio bedding I snatched at Target: This is all depending if I can’t get them to actually install a fan. I bet they are going to think I’m crazy!

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