I’m back! Chicago was fab, y’all. Expect a few Windy City-related posts and pictures soon.

As you all know, we’ve been moving around a lot and have done some major downgrading lately. In fact, there’s a yard sale in the mix in the next couple of weeks. It’s left me with little furnishings, so I’ve been daydreaming about my next sofa. A lot.

I’m really in love with the Avec sofa from CB2, but with a nearly $1,200 price tag, it’s probably out of my range at the moment.

However, Macy’s has it’s only twist on the MCM sofa: the Corona. And at $700?! Let’s just say I know a bargain when I see one. Hopefully you’ll catch me drinking a Corona on my Corona soon. Sometimes daydreams become reality, right?

Oh! And check out the Flickr pool! It seems that this is one popular sitter.


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6 Responses to “Daydreaming”

  1. Books-A-Thousand « my heart behaves Says:

    […] and did you notice the new sofa? We ended up getting the Corona and it’s perfection. […]

  2. big swede Says:

    Thanks for this great website. I am trying to read some more posts but I cant get your website to display properly in my Opera Browser. Thanks again.

  3. Ana Says:

    Oh AND we signed up for a macy’s card when we bought it and got six or seven months without payment, we paid it off way early before the first bill ever came and they paid US $112!

  4. Ana Says:

    I own the Corona in brown and love it! It’s a very forgiving fabric (we have a new kitten and the couch has been mistaken for a scratching post a couple of times) it’s comfortable AND it goes on sale all the time!

    • Kristina Says:

      How have I never noticed this in your pictures before, Ana? So good to hear! The boyfriend approves, so I think it’s a definite go. Now we’re deciding between the brown and green …

      • Ana Says:

        We got the brown because in the end food ends up on the couch and brown is a much more forgiving shade. We also got the seven year stain guarantee. It’s $99 and they will come out and fix any stain at all or rips for free and If you never use it at the end of the seven years you get the $99 back.

        Ours was squeaky after two weeks so we called and Macy’s said that shouldn’t happen so they delivered a brand new one.

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