We’re traveling to Chicago for the next several days and I’m all smiles! Confession: I’ve only been to Chicago twice and both times were just layover-style. This time I’m actually going to be breathing the air and everything.


I can’t wait to get away from the heat here in Dallas. Seriously, it’s predicted to reach up to 104 degrees this weekend and it’s just the first weekend of June; not even summer!

While I’m not particularly a huge vacation planner, we are doing a bit of sightseeing at the usual places: the Art Institute of Chicago, Millennium Park and, of course, the Willis Tower. (Formally known as the Sears Tower.)

Oh! And we’re seeing She & Him on Monday is said park. We’ve also got some top secret missions in the mix, too. (No, not a wedding or anything, but some pretty BIG news.) I’m already missing my Spenc and Oli.

PS: I’ve had a crush on this Ork poster for awhile. Perhaps it will end up in my living room soon?


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    hey whats your myspace page.

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