MHB redesign and a bit of ranting (sorta)

I certainly didn’t mean to take a three week break. … Well, technically I was actually working behind the scenes. If you haven’t notices, My Heart Behaves got a face lift! I’m not really sure if it’s a permanent lift, but things are definitely different around here. I designed a new logo that coordinates with Studio 67′s and used a different template, as I was sooooo tired of the one I selected on a whim, when I first started the blog in 2008.

Things aren’t 100% yet, (WordPress is confusing!) but it’s on the way to something great. Eventually I will even launch my portfolio site. One day, people. One day.


Moving on (literally), time is just flying by at a very chaotic time in my life. It’s good chaos, but still. It’s left little time to blog or read blogs. Boo! My parents have purchased a house in Ft. Worth, near a gorgeous lake and weekends have been occupied with helping them pack and move. They have a TON of stuff, considering the last time they moved was 1984.

And drum roll please! We are moving in two weeks to the old house, yes my childhood home, to do a bit of saving over the summer. Needless to say, I’m doing some major downsizing and purging and it feels pretty good to get rid of so much stuff.

It’s also been a lot of fun to find pictures from high school at my parents house, too. Hmm … I’m really going to have to spend some major time in front of the scanner soon. Another day …

(Illustration from Akacorleone)


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2 Responses to “MHB redesign and a bit of ranting (sorta)”

  1. Erin Says:

    The blog looks great! I’m so jealous of the graphic design stuff that you can do!

    And, I meant to post previously that your enchiladas looked so scrumptious!!! Well done!

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