King Ranch Casserole

With our mini-arctic blast here in Dallas comes all the good eats, such as these go-to staple foods: ice cream (so, so good when it’s freezing outside), my famous chili and the King Ranch Casserole.

Go grab your best Le Creuset, ladies and gents, because we’re cookin’ up a Texas tradition today. Oh! And because I simply must cook to some decent tunes, may I highly recommend some Arcade Fire to keep things spicy? Yes, please.

Geeky Side Note: The Target by my home finally got a teeny-tiny grocery store (yays!!!), so most of what went into this dish was the Archer Farms brand. Gotta love a good knock-off.

• 4-5 boneless chicken breasts
• 1 can chicken broth
• 1 can cream of mushroom
• 1 can cream of chicken
• 1 can Rotel
• Frozen and pre-sliced red peppers/green peppers/onion mix
• Handful of frozen corn
• Spices to taste, including: black pepper, minced onion, paprika, jalapeno pepper, garlic and onion powder
• White corn tortillas
• 3 cups mixed cheeses, including: cheddar, monterrey jack and queso blanco

Using a stock pot, boil chicken breasts in 1 can chicken broth and 2 cans water. Make sure chicken is submerged. Once cooked, shred to the consistency of your liking.

Mix together remaining ingredients in a separate bowl, minus tortillas and 1 cup of cheese mixture.

Line casserole dish in a bit of EVVO, including sides. Spread a layer of chicken on the bottom, then a layer of your soup mixture. Strip tortillas in slices and place one layer on top. Repeat these layered steps, ending in the remaining cup of cheese. Bake on 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Nest, cover dish in foil and bake an additional 15 minutes, as to not over-cook cheese on top. Viola!

Kristina’s Tips: Ouch! I completely forgot to add the Rotel, yet the KRC was still quite yummy. Also, I would recommend adding a dash of cilantro for garnish, which I also forgot. Sheesh …


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