The Off Season

Just checking in on the blog. My apologies for the absence. I’ve been here and there and back again the last month or so. And obviously we are days away from … what’s that called? Oh wait! CHRISTMAS!

I’ve had little-to-no-time to write or even read many blogs, as of the late. So I leave you with this, the only photo I’ve edited over the last 500+ I’ve taken at the many, many events and festivities I’ve attended the last few weeks.

This is Daniel and I, the only moment we snuck away from family, at a long weekend in New Braunfels earlier this month.

The river city is so much fun to visit in the off season! After celebrating his grandfather’s ninetieth (WOW!) birthday, we shopped at some funky antique stores in Gruene, which I highly recommend. Perhaps there will be a pause in my life to edit, upload and write a post to show you how quaint these Hill Country towns are.

I know you are tired of me ranting on my busy schedule, as I’m sure yours is as equally packed. So let the celebrations continue into the New Year.

To be continued, my friends …


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One Response to “The Off Season”

  1. raquel Says:

    this is a great picture of you two. i quite love it.

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