67 Lewis Road

This is really just so lovely, that I had to share.

I was looking up other things related to Studio 67, my design business, because I’m working on getting a much better portfolio site together. It turns out Studio 67 is so popular! Kinda scary and I really wish I had actually done more research two years ago, but that’s neither here nor there, this late in the game.

In any rate, this piece from the Sussex PhotoHistory popped up and I fell in love. So timeless in design, to think that this was all created by hand really puts it in perspective to me. The craftsmanship behind each drop cap and gorgeous lettering is just so inspiring, such a treasure. I’d love to learn more and get better at my own hand lettering and calligraphy.

Plus how cute is it that you can get enlargements made in oil, water colour or crayon? Where’s that option at Walgreen’s?

Source: Sussex PhotoHistory


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