Two Peas Got Hitched.

I was down in Austin last weekend celebrating with the new Mr. and Mrs. Edwards. My long time friend Jennifer got hitched to her beau Warren at a small and gorgeous ceremony in the Hill Country. They married in the chapel Jessica Simpson once said ‘I do’, so you can only imagine how stunning the church was.

But the reception … WOAH.

Jennifer has her degree in hospitality and worked at The Mansion at Judges’ Hill, so naturally that’s where they held the soiree. Um, can I just say that this place was Swanky with a capital S! Seriously, if you have any plans to venture down to A-town, book this place stat!


In honor of the happy duo, I designed this illustration to mark their happy day. These are so much fun to draw and I love giving them.

Wish the new Mr. and Mrs. E luck, as they are just about to take off on an adventure to California. And no, it’s not the traditional honeymoon, per se. They are leaving the great state of Texas and moving there.

Texas will really miss you guys!


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2 Responses to “Two Peas Got Hitched.”

  1. bethany Says:

    Your illustration is so sweet and fantastically quirky…adore it :)

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Thanks K-Wal! With a Capital “T”!! Loved the blurb :)

    I have an aunt near Seattle, Bainbridge Island actually, so for sure we can meet there when you move to Portland :)

    We leave tomorrow for Ca…*Bye*


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