MHB Update


Amidst my Halloween candy sugar high, I’ve purchased my actual domain for the blogo. So if you are still old school and typing in that URL, you now have exactly 10 less characters to type! You can now just reach me at in the future.


Feel free to update your feed settings, like Google Reader, if that’s how you get your MHB fix, too.

And speaking of, are you following me on Reader? I realize I probably sound all behind, but I just discovered it’s great following other blog readers and/or writers. We can “share” and show what we “like” and it’s a great way to find other cool blogs about things you might be interested in or things you are not. Either way, just another way to spread the bloglove. (I’m coining that as a new term from now on!)


Save the date: 12.31.09. My Heart Behaves celebrates one year. And I may or may not have a surprise up my sleeve.


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One Response to “MHB Update”

  1. Erin Says:

    You are turning into quite the professional blogger!!! I love it!

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