Sasquatch? Or just a giant squash?

I found this pumpkin at the New Flower Market. It was huge and ugly and I fell in love. But that fact that it weighed around 30+ pounds made me hesitate and we parted ways.


This weekend I’m headed out the the Arboretum for “The Great Pumpkin Festival” with few friends so I’m sure many photos are to come. Also, there just happens to be the Southern Artisans Market there this weekend. Lucky us!

And speaking of craft fairs, this Sunday is a BIG one. We’ll be heading over to Make’s Urban Street Bazaar. Make Studio, if you remember, is the place I took the sewing class at. So good times are expected all around. I’m hoping to come home with some fun stuff, and get more inspiration as a designer and Etsyer. (Is that a word? Probably not.)


Ooooooh, and how could I forget! I’m so excited to tell you that Studio 67 and Saucers & Milk will be both sponsors at the BIGGEST craft extravaganza of all, the Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash. I’ll be including a couple of stickers and a coupon for the shop in the goody bags they give out to the early birds. Look for us there!



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