Happy October! I don’t usually announce the beginning of each month on the ole blog here, but October is different. She’s special. She’s my favorite month of the year.

Maybe it’s because October marks the beginning of Fall and it finally starts to get a bit cool here in Dallas. Or that it’s that it’s more socially acceptable to wear black in this month?

Okay, most likely it’s just the fact that October is the month where it’s cool to dress up and pretend you are someone or something else … and most likely in Spandex. (Come on, we’re all looking back in horror when we see our boyfriend in a Spiderman costume, right? No, just me?)

Are you have a Halloween party? I sure wish I was (if only I didn’t live in a little over 650 square feet currently). And if I did, I’d be sure to hang these totally clever candy corn bunting flags. Wouldn’t you?



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