It’s official.

Can I just say how much a little “staycation” has changed my life? As cliche as the term is, it’s been really lovely to have these last three days off. (I’m slightly jealous that Daniel took the entire week off!) We both had lots-o-stuff on our ‘To Do’ list and I can honestly say that I can check off almost everything and it’s just Friday.

So what’s have I been up to? Well … drum roll please … I am officially announcing that I am the sole owner of my very own legit biz … Studio 67 {designs}. I’m practically hugging myself!

records building

I finally had a chance to run down to the Records Building here in Dallas (see the pic I snapped earlier, above) and fill out the required paper work, so that I can do business as Studio 67 Designs. I had to actually add the “Designs” part to my business name because there’s another Studio 67 floating around out there. Who knew?

This marks a significant day for me, career-wise. Can’t wait to see what happens!


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One Response to “It’s official.”

  1. Erin Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! That’s awesome Kristina!

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