How it’s made. {Une}

We here at MHB are so excited! Raquel and I made our first sale at the shop, faster than I could close Firefox, after I put the listings up.

And while that’s just peachy, I was a bit overwhelmed knowing I didn’t have all of the designs ready. So after staying up way past my bedtime most nights this week, everything worked out and our first package is on its way to San Fransisco.

So what have I been doing at Studio 67, exactly? Wel, in this post, we’re going to focus on the web designs. Let’s go!

First, with any good Etsy shop, I knew it was not only important to have a good name, but equally impressive logo, banner and avatar. These are the face of your company and you want people to actually think it looks like you know what you are doing.


Another interesting tid bit of a good Etsy shop? Good photography.

It’s so sad when I see someone’s products for sale, but the pic is dark and out of focus and it’s hard to even really see what the darn thing looks like.


Raquel (hire her, she’s great!) took the photos and I edited them, using a nifty Photoshop action I found on Twitter.

It’s called Seventies and it makes me so happy. You can download them here. They are all quite wonderful.

Up next, part Duex: the printed materials.


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