How it’s made. {Duex}

{This is part Duex of the ‘How it’s made’ post. See part Une here.}

After everything for the web was completed for Saucers & Milk, it was time to move on the the printed materials by Studio 67.

I knew from the beginning, I wanted to include a tag on the plate stand with each order that went out, especially if we ever get into craft fairs and have a booth.

I bought the Clever Lever Extra Giga Craft Punch in 2.5 inches. Then I designed a tag in Illustrator, with a .25 bleed, for the blue on the outside. After having them printed on thick card stock, I cut each by hand, punched a hole and added a bit of ribbon.

Mid Cut
Mid Cut 2
Tag in hand

Finally, I knew that sending our lovely upcycled vintage plate stands was going to be a wee bit of an issue. They are not the most delicate things, but certainly not the most sturdy.

So I created a shipping label that not only included the essentials: return address and sender info., but also something that clearly marks that the box is, indeed, “extremely fragile.” These were printed on full sheet labels by Avery and hand cut by yours truly.

Labels pre cut pic

There you have it folks. We at S/M are 100% ready for your business. In fact, we made four more stands today, because we are so buzzed and happy to be making something we heart, big time.


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