I have worked in the newspaper industry since I was in junior high. Did you know that? My day job consists of pica’s, Quark, intense deadlines and stacks and stacks of newsprint. So you can only imagine how many papers I’ve been storing over the years.

When I was Editor in Chief of my college paper, I would literally save an entire bundle of my school’s weekly paper. Ya know, just in case my soon-to-be future employer needed say … 30 copies of October 12th’s edition. So clearly, I was disillusioned and came to find out, as a graphic designer, I don’t need hard copies of anything really, just a PDF.

I ended up purging many stacks that I had accumulated after 15 years in the biz, especially when I made the leap from reporter to designer. (And I’ve never looked back, either!)

I now keep one copy of extra special pieces, from freelance jobs, special issues or something that I won an award for. I keep them folded (most are broadsheet, but I currently work for a tabloid) in the KASSETT boxes from Ikea. They are not ideal. I’ve had to fold, push, shove, etc. all to get them to fit in there.


Well yesterday, I found myself looking at Low and behold, they have the ideal contraption for me to use, the Euro™ Newspaper Holder.

Then I dug a little deeper into my online research, only to discover that The Container Store also keeps one in stock, but about $10 more. Being the thrifty gal that I am, I kept looking for something less expensive.

That’s when I discovered the Bristol Newspaper Bin, on sale for $15! So long story short, I think I’m going to swing over there after work today and grab three, because I love multiples of three in design, but also because of how short they are. I can’t wait to un-smuch many hours of hard work and make them all pretty again.


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