I’ve never been the biggest fan of bar stools. Mostly because I don’t like the look of a pass-thru bar in the kitchen (it looks so apartment-ish), but also because of the actual square footage the stools take up, when I most likely would never seat there in the first place. Basically they just seem like wasted space, and from what I’ve seen out there, are typically tacky in design.

That was all until now.

These lab stools have caught my eye and now I’m salivating over them, dreaming of my next apartment to please, please have a bar. And at a modest $35, I could get three! Wouldn’t that be lovely?


I’ve run across School Outfitters many times of blogs. I go there, think how much fun all of that mass produced goodness would look too clever in a home, but then close it and forget all about it. Not this time.

Because I would love these each and everyday. And hopefully even have a meal there once in a while.


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