Muy Bueno.

I popped over to La Mariposa on Henderson today, after grabbing a bite from Fish City Grill. (One of my favorite lunch stops in Dallas, btw.)


There were so many party decorations; everything from hand-cut banners (like in the photo above, sombreros and a pinata for any occasion.


I loved the bride. Can you imagine this at your wedding?


They have these fabulous paper roses, around four bucks each. There were so many colors … loved it. I want to go back and get maybe three or five of the cyan. But I told myself before I make an impulse buy, I need to actually have some where to put them first!


But the small space isn’t just fiesta supplies. No, no. That’s just the icing on the tres leches!

It’s packed full with a bit of something for everyone. They have an exquisite selection of authentic Oaxacan dresses. Prices ranged, but most were $150. I don’t think they work for my figure and when I said I needed a belt with mine, the sales woman assured me how awful that would look! We both laughed.


And of course Frida made several appearances. She was on everything from refrigerator magnets, to this tote.


But the best of the best where their imported textiles, like the Otom bed spreads. Words can’t describe how much I wanted this little gem. But the price tag ($395) and the fact that it only came in a queen (I have a king) preventing me from purchasing. :(


But quite possibly my favorite items where the hand embroidered pillows. With cute phrases in Spanish and some TexMex, they were pretty much everything I love about Dallas. I am budgeting for the larger one in the back that has the pair of doves and reads, “Bueno Noches.” I mean, where else are you going to find these?


If you’ve always driven by the bright pink store, but never dropped in, I say why wait? And as they informed me, everything is online and available to purchase, so if you aren’t in the Dallas area, you can still get your fix here.


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