Sew I’m really doing it after all.

Saturday is the big day. The test, if you will, to see if I’m any good at this thing.

I’m taking a class at Make Shop & Studio in Oak Cliff with my BFF Tara. Together, we will laugh, we will cry, but most likely just make fun of one another’s janky purse when we are all done.

Yes, we’re making a simple, yet sweet lookin’ tote. I’m pretty jazzed and can’t wait to share my creation with you, loyal MHB reader. :)


PS: Sew I’m officially stopping with the sewing puns. I know they are only funny to me and probably my father … the KING of all things punny.


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One Response to “Sew I’m really doing it after all.”

  1. Sasquatch? Or just a giant squash? « my heart behaves Says:

    […] over to Make’s Urban Street Bazaar. Make Studio, if you remember, is the place I took the sewing class at. So good times are expected all around. I’m hoping to come home with some fun stuff, […]

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