Behind the scenes.

Here is a little peek at what I’m working on with my gal pals Raquel and Kari.





(Really, that was just an excuse to use the words gal pals. Tee hee …)

Stay tuned for more details.


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8 Responses to “Behind the scenes.”

  1. Saucers & Milk « my heart behaves Says:

    […] you remember, I had done a little hinting to our project a few weeks ago, when I showed you some shots I took while we were actually putting together our […]

  2. Tara Says:

    Love it…good job guys! Are all the cupcakes gone?

  3. Kristina Says:

    @diane and @ pilar Aw, shucks. Those are ALL Kari’s baking skillz!

    @erin We are having multiple craft days! Still on the look out for more plates and such. And yes, it’s the beginning of an Etsy shop. But shush! It’s a secret for now! j/k


  4. pilar Says:

    the plates look really good ladies! and i agree with dwal, the little cakes add to the awesomeness of the whole thing!

  5. Erin Says:

    I think you had craft day without me!!! I’m not offended though. :) Are you going to sell those super cute tiered plate stands on Etsy???

  6. raquel Says:

    you should have come dwal. kari made the cupcakes and they were delicious.

  7. Diane Says:

    NICE! The little cakes add quite the touch~

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