Milk Glass Love

So I’m spending the weekend at my parents house in good ol’ South Irving. (Texas, that is.) They went to Florida for a few days and it’s just easier to stay at their casa to watch the puppies, than drag them to a fourth floor apartment, no bigger than 600 square feet. (No joke.)

It’s nice being here. Sure the bed is rock hard and my room is long gone from the days when I lived here. But it’s home non-the-less.

What’s been kinda fun is exploring all of the “vintage” stuff my parents have. I use the quotes because it’s not really vintage to them. What I consider to be a kitschy Pyrex mixing bowl set is just what Mom used for so many years to get food on the table. Sure, it’s in the lower pantry now, of things she no longer uses, but it’s a cool window into their past and I kinda love it.

I went to a little antique store and bought a few pieces, so watch the blog for more milk glass love to come.


This is a swanky little vintage piece of milk glass from Avon, no less. Loves it!

(Found via Mom Walds Place on Flickr. She’s also got a blog and an Etsy shop, so watch out!)


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4 Responses to “Milk Glass Love”

  1. Mom Wald Says:

    Thanks for sharing my goodies! Now I gotta go check out more of your blog.

  2. Kristina Says:

    I know … I’m really considering buying it. There are two for sale on Etsy. So, so cute!

  3. Erin Says:

    That is the cutest little set! Score!

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