What’s so great about summer?

If you know me in real life (what’s that?), you probably here me complain about the summer months in Texas. I truly am happiest in the fall and winter, as heat and humidity make me a grumpy bunny. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never particularly cared for laying around at night, sweating to the hum of my ceiling fan.

So what’s is so great about summer? These shoes by BC Footwear!

Picture 22

Well all summer shoes, actually. I could live year round in flip flops and sandals if it were at all possible. I hate, hate, hate to wear tennies or anything that requires a sock. I guess that’s the Texan in me, even if it’s a little hidden sometimes.

I just put these little guys in my mental wish list of things to grab this weekend. I’m going “bridesmaid shoe shopping” (it deserves the quotes!) for the wedding I’m attending in a couple of weeks. I highly recommend doing some browsing at DSW if you are on the hunt, especially the one located in North Dallas. Great customer service and an even better selection to boot … literally!

PS: Just in case you were worried … no, these are not for the wedding. I’m still scratching my head to find something comfortable to stand in for hours and hours.


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