Artful Good(nes)s

We just got back from Portland, my favorite city. It makes me so happy to be there. More on that later. Needless to say, I will post pictures once I’ve done a bit of editing.

I love to shop on vacation. It feels so much more interesting to be at a Target in another city, than the Target across the street at home. I know that it carries the same stuff and all, but it’s somehow completely different. I don’t know why. Do you feel this way?

Daniel is … well … not really a shopper. So I didn’t get much time in except for a quicky-trip to Nordstrom to buy a pair of Puma’s, since I neglected to bring any sneakers with me. And by day two and three blisters later, I was ready to stick my feet into some sox!

Snapped with my iPhone.

But he was willing to go into Artful Goods, after we visited the Portland Art Museum across the street. (We call it the PAM, but it seems no one else in the city does. Por que, Portland dwellers? Ever heard of of your neighbor called the SAM?)

So I just fell in love with the small gallery/store. It’s packed with everything a designer/obsessive-consumer like me loves. I grabbed the Owl Pattern Tray and swooned over the antenna clock. It even had some great band posters by Dan Stiles. They have an blog and an online store, so take a peeky-poo.


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4 Responses to “Artful Good(nes)s”

  1. asiaflower Says:

    hi! i’m the manager/curator @ artful goods! thanks a lot of posting something about us. i bet i checked you out of the store if you bought something!

    anyway – i’m a portlander and i DO say PAM. you’re right though, people here don’t call it that. when i try to tell them where the gallery/store is, i always reference PAM as a directional aid and people look at me like they’re really confused.

    • Kristina Says:

      You did check me out! I was annoying with my camera, but I bet lots-o-people are in there. (I did beg for permission first!) I’ll be back next time i’m up in PDX! :)

  2. Diane Says:

    Waiting on the pictures

  3. Diane Says:

    I do not feel that way at all…. Shopping on Vacation seems soooo stupid to me…. You can find the same stuff at home… I would rather go to more PAMs and cram that kind of stuff in than go to Target…. This has always pondered me why you and Tara like to go shopping on vacations…. Boggles my mind…. Love ya

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