Lucky ducks

We had a pretty yucky weekend. While on the way home from celebrating my friend Diane’s 28 birthday, we were hit by a drunk driver on the highway. Everyone was okay, minus some bumps and bruises.

It was still terrifying, as the other car slammed into the wall. It was a full car, with Daniel, myself, Raquel and Zoe. It could have been an entirely different story, so we are very lucky. Now it’s the waiting to see what’s up with Daniel’s car. We find out the damage tomorrow.

Some of the rear-end damage. The worst was on the right side.

The car that hit us, up on the tow truck. Pretty sure it’s a gonner, with the wheel hanging off and all …

Saturday was pretty much a day of recovery for Daniel and myself. We ended up seeing a movie that night so make ourselves laugh.

On Sunday, we stayed close to home again and did more resting at my pool. I’m really going to miss the lake and all of the pools that back right up to it.


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One Response to “Lucky ducks”

  1. Erin Says:

    wow, that’s so scary. I’m glad y’all are okay, though.

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