Should I?

Clearly, I’m asking a lot of questions these days.

But seriously, should I get on of these shell chairs? We all know I’ve been obsessing over them for over a year or so … and I found some in really great shape at Lula B’s the other day. (Check out the link to see pics of my coworkers! Who knew they were on the Facebook fan page?!) After the 20% discount, it’s a bargain at $38.40. I should get one, right?


Well if I do that, I’m doing the whole kit and kaboodle. I would order the lovely Eames Eiffel base to match my desk. And it just plain looks smokin’!


I’ll let you know what happens. I’m moving in less than a month and really hadn’t planned on adding any furniture during this time, but I really don’t think I can pass this one up!

And what color will I get, you ponder? I’m not sure yet! I immediately fell in love with the blue one, but it’s in the roughest shape. The yellow is really growing on me and the gray/white is a standard. Let’s here from you. Which one would get take home?


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