Mates of Plate

Amongst all of the jewelry I mentioned earlier from the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash, I took home the cutest little “cake stand” from laura davis design lab. It is by far my favorite item I got.


Well, it’s got me on the whole plate roll. What’s a plate roll? My latest obsession!

Since I got the uber-cool Harkerware platter from Chance a couple of months back, I’ve been envisioning a “plate wall” of sorts in my dining room or kitchen. I thought I’d go to a couple of thrift store and find all sorts of goodies.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the case. The 80’s have landed hard on thrifting and the plates and dishes leave less to be desired. So I’m on a slow, but sure lookout.



I found this online somewhere (sorry, lost the link!) the other day and it’s basically exactly what I want. Just gorgeous!


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2 Responses to “Mates of Plate”

  1. laura davis Says:

    Thank you so much, I’m glad you like your stand! I have the same obsession with plates…the plate wall is gorgeous!! I’m going to list some of my vintage plate finds on etsy soon, you should check it out!
    Thanks again…

  2. raquel Says:

    i love this. by the way, my friend’s mom picked me up a box of plates at a garage sale today. i will get to see them around 1:30 and i will let you know.

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