Where have I been?

Sorry kiddos, I haven’t been anywhere, except if you count my office a place.

I’ve been locked up in a hole called work. We recently celebrated our 25th Anniversary issue at the newspaper I daylight at. (Get it? Like moonlighting, only it’s during the day!)

It was one of the toughest week I’ve ever experienced, since being there for two and half years. Yet, it was also one of the most rewarding.

Daniel and I treated ourselves to the delicious tastes of Original Market Diner Saturday morning, and I was in shock and awe at how many folks were reading the paper at their tables.

The rack was already basically empty and it was a humbling experience to witness.

I loved it.


I’ll keep it short. I’ve had major jewelry envy that last few weeks after buying a few pieces at Etsy Dallas Spring Bash. So much so, that I had the brilliant idea that I could make my own!

Here is a necklace whipped up, after visiting my local craft store and getting a few essentials. I think this is just the beginning of my love affair for jewelry making.

And the best part? The total on this little guy was a mere $3.50-ish …


(As I always warn: sorry for the horrible lighting. The pics were a snapshot taken on my iPhone in fluorescent lighting. Yeah, I know … not a good look. I’m working on it, though!)


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2 Responses to “Where have I been?”

  1. Platelets « my heart behaves Says:

    […] 28, 2009 Amongst all of the jewelry I mentioned earlier from the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash, I took home the cutest little “cake stand” from laura […]

  2. raquel Says:

    i like it. very nice.

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