Ready and holding


It’s finally here! The Etsy Dallas Spring Bash, that is! Come out and join the crowd at South Side on Lamar this Saturday for some handmade finds that can’t be found anywhere else. (OK, good point. Anywhere else, except for

Here are a few things I’ve found from the vendor’s shops online that I would loooooove to bring home with me:

3408505158_57d7d4e632This item is number one of my list!

3395352683_f3b4905d0dJewelry by Pamela Michelle

3400605382_0f4de7ae83 Why, hello to you too!
Color Box Design

3411295297_9319ef3159laura davis design lab

3418304392_5cabe8be04And for the wee little ones, these are the cutest!

And on a slightly related note, I wanted to make it official before I get discouraged: I am in the process of starting my Etsy shop and plan to have a booth set up and ready to go by the time Etsy Dallas hosts its next event. (It’s going to happen, future self. Be prepared!)

In case you were curious what I would sell, it would be my design services. More specifically, wedding invitations. I’ve just completed my second set of invites for a friend and could not be more pleased. Yes, dealing with brides is slightly stressful, but I’m up for the challenge.

And if you need any orders filled, don’t hesitate to ask! Drop me a line here at STUDIO 67.



One Response to “Ready and holding”

  1. Erin Says:

    I love that jewelry by Pamela Michelle! I’ve been coveting it for awhile. I can’t wait for you to start your own etsy store!!!

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