Total Eye Candy


Every time I drive past the Sigel’s sign, I feel like it’s a small window into the past, a past I’d like to know better! With it’s crazy neon lights and fabulous blue and orange paint, I have often longed to photograph it.

So this weekend, Daniel and I did just that. We made a pit stop over on the way to the Inwood Theatre, to the empty parking lot on Lemmon Avenue and Inwood Road, to shoot it.

What devastating news did we find out, while our little hearts were bursting with creative vision? It’s going away! :(

Yes, the Sigel’s store is closing this month. The store is practically bare and sign will most likely go when they vacate. According the The Observer’s Unfair Park blog (boo), it will probably be transplanted to another location. Whew!

I’m still sad to see it go, but stoked we had the opportunity to get some snaps before it was too late.

Also, upon some light Googling, it turns out LOTS of people love the sign as much as we do. Check out the Flickr love if you have a second. And yes, I’ll be the first to admit they put mine to shame.


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  1. DomoDesigner Says:


    I just stumbled upon your blog–it’s really interesting. Thanks for keeping up with it. :)


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