mixed well: Cinco de Mayo Edition


In honor of the fabulous Flight of the Conchords (whom I’m seeing tonight with Raquel and Alyssa) and Cinco de Mayo, I thought I’d create a new mixed well for you folks. Ya know, in case you want to shake your booty to some good tunes … perhaps with a margarita in hand …

1. The First Song • Band of Horses
2. Inner City Pressure • Flight of the Conchords
3. The Hex • Pavement
4. For Our Elegant Caste • Of Montreal
5. Blue Ridge Mountains • Fleet Foxes
6. Carry the Zero • Built to Spill
7. Devil’s Elbow • Colin Meloy
8. Kim and Jesse • M83
9. St. Joseph’s • The Avett Brothers
10. Pass This On • The Knife <———- My latest obsession!

PS: This is admittedly super random, but do you abbreviate margarita by saying ‘Rita’ or ‘Marg’? I’ve always went with the first options, until I was in L.A., when everyone was saying marg. Then suddenly, I feel like everywhere I go, it’s marg this, marg that. Did I miss this day in school, when we switched? So tell me, do you sit on your patio sipping a rita or a marg?


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2 Responses to “mixed well: Cinco de Mayo Edition”

  1. raquel Says:

    super fun and i am still going with rita.

  2. Erin Says:

    Definitely ‘rita – which I had before seeing the concert as well! Sorry to have missed you girls last night! It was so fun, wasn’t it?!

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