One man’s trash is another girl’s treasure

My good friend Chance recently moved into a studio apartment over in the Medical District and has been purging a lot of his lovely belonging. I’ve taken advantage of as much as I can; we even had a garage sale together.

But when he talked about getting rid of some vintage pottery, I knew exactly which cups and saucers he was speaking of, as I’d been enviously eying them every time I came over.

harkerware-1Clearly I like toast, with all the crumbies. Please ignore.

He handed my a box of six cups and matching saucers in a gorgeous robin’s egg blue, with a matching serving dish to boot. They are made by Harkerware, “Since 1840” and were made here in America. I can’t find much history on the brand. It’s not even on Wikipedia. (I know!)

But I’ve found a ton of pieces for bid on eBay and for sale on vintage shops through Etsy, like these Seafare Salad Plates I would really like to order to match. He remembered purchasing them from an antique store in Bowie, Texas when he moved into his first apartment. I also feel the need to state that he “schlepped them across the country” several times, as he kept telling me over and over. :)


Long story short: I think they are gorgeous and wanted to share with you because they are too pretty not too!


5 Responses to “One man’s trash is another girl’s treasure”

  1. Colleen Jury Says:

    Have you looked under ‘Harker Pottery’? That’s where you’ll find more info.

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  4. otfusrx Says:

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  5. donkeyfunny Says:

    Have I told you that I have a freaking dinnerware/ glass addiction? It’s sick. When we move back to TX.. it’s going to be like Christmas 100x over.

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