Say what you need to say

<i>Me, at 28.</i>

Me, at 28.

So, I’ve mentioned John Mayer in my last two blogs; how random. (The headline to this is from his song “Say” and he is on my Mixed Well entry.) I’m not really sure why, but I’ve been in a Mayer Mood lately.

So what do I need to say?

THANK YOU! Really, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for all of the lovely surprises, deliveries, flowers, balloons, sweets and love on my 28th birthday. I truly appreciate each of you and have found myself more touched this year than many birthdays in the past.

Despite the fact that I was at work uploading this week’s content to our web site, I had a great day: Flowers came from my wonderful parents, Robert and Gwen … lunch at Village Burger Bar with Chance, Chris and Ramon the Mexican (who thinks he’s white) … a G I A N T cookie delivered from Tara (see pictures!) … and a homemade sheet cake from Kris Martin at work. And then after pulling a 13 hour day at the office, the cherry on top was the birthday cards from Raquel, Zoe and Pilar attached to a balloon and candy bar waiting at my from door.

Additionally, I had a million phone calls with well wishes, including one at 12:01 am from Alyssa, who was so proud to be the first to tell me Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow is pedis with Tara and dinner with my besties at Uncle Julio’s. I couldn’t ask for more and really appreciate all of my great friends in my life. 8•) It truly means so much to me. Thank you, thank you all, as I near closer and closer to 30!

Now here are some fabulous pictures of my day:

Flowers delivered to my office from Mom and Dad.

Flowers delivered from Mom and Dad.

A cookie delivered to my office from (ash she put on the card) TBax/Cag

A surprise cookie from (as she put on the card) TBax/Cag.

The sheet cake Kris Martin made for me.

The sheet cake Kris Martin made for me and card from everyone in the office.

And finally:

A present at my front door!

A present at my front door!


One Response to “Say what you need to say”

  1. Jennifer Anne Says:

    ME too with the Mayer lately, I’m addicted to his voice and guitar playing – it’s beyond me why, it’s just the mayer way of life I guess.

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