The art of the mixed CD

I consider mixing a CD somewhat important and useful. Isn’t it just the worst when people stick a bunch of songs onto a disc and hit play? No, just me?

Well, this is my blog, so bah! The new category is coyly titled mixed well. I’ll showcase my latest disc that I’ve scrambled together and share with YOU! (Don’t you feel special? Because you should!)


This week’s is titled: Song to Drive to with the Windows Down. No, it’s not the most clever title in the world, or as I apparently say all the time, “It’s not changing lives … or anything.” But it’s quick and to the point. And damn it: aren’t some songs just better when you’re flooring it on Central Expressway?

1. The Thrills • Don’t Still Our Sun
2. The Decemberists • When the War Came
3. John Mayer • Kid A (Radiohead Cover)
4. Silverchair • Straight Lines
5. Maroon 5 • Secret
6. The Shins • Spilt Needles
7. Snow Patrol • Run
8. Sun Kil Moon • Duk Koo Kim
9. Radiohead • All I need
10. Coldplay • A Rush of Blood to the Head
11. Death Cab for Cutie • Passenger Seat

Disclaimer: I just have a regular old CD player in the Civic. So, we’re looking at 700 MB’s tops. The average play list is probably only 10 – 12 songs, so don’t go all thinking I have a fancy MP3-playing-dealio in my car. Susie Civic is not that kinda gal.


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3 Responses to “The art of the mixed CD”

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    […] I’m seeing tonight with Raquel and Alyssa) and Cinco de Mayo, I thought I’d create a new mixed well for you folks. Ya know, in case you want to shake your booty to some good tunes … […]

  2. chwrzygtc Says:

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    […] two blogs; how random. (The headline to this is from his song “Say” and he is on my Mixed Well entry.) I’m not really sure why, but I’ve been in a Mayer mood […]

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