Kristina, the crafter?

Yikes! January 31 is quickly approaching … me and several of my gal pals are hosting a baby shower for my very pregnant friend Tara. Her nursery is precious, not the typical pastel pink room for a little girl. She’s doing a lady bug theme, with lots of reds, blacks and whites.

I created an invitation for the shower, trying hard to recreate the theme she chose. But I’ve realized I am not the least bit crafty. I envy the Martha Stewart’s and Pink Loves Brown kinda girls. It’s just not me. I’m not good at cutting things into straight lines, tying pretty bows, etc.

But with the help of Diane, her mother and Raquel, we created some pretty sweet invitations. I purchased my supplies at Paper Source, inside NorthPark Center. It’s quickly becoming my new fav. store. :)

Initially I had planned on using a red A7 Flat Card, but thought once you added the copy to the paper, it might be difficult to read. After spending more that an hour there, taking in all my options, I scrapped that and ended up getting the paper in Superfine White.

Unfortunately, my laser printer is only black ink, so I knew I was limited on color. I decided to go with a belly band in a quirky red and white polka dot paper and red ribbon to tie it together. They were glued on the back, so the bands would not slip.

Not too good with math, I didn’t purchase enough of the red A7 envelopes, so about seven people got a generic (and admittedly ill-fitting) envelope. I’m sorry!

All in all, I’m pleased with how my first real craft project turned out. It’s even got me thinking how much fun it would to do more invitations in the future. Um … I’ll let you know!

The basics: paper, paper cutter, ribbon, glue and a hole punch.

The 12×12 sheets were cute into four 3-inch bands.

The invites were designed by yours truly and printed at home on my Brother 7820N.

The bands were then folded and hole-punched and a 6-inch ribbon was added.

And viola! Little lady bug invitations!

Congrats to Tara and Kyle. I can’t wait to meet baby Riley February 21!


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One Response to “Kristina, the crafter?”

  1. Tara Says:

    You did a super wonderful job! I might have to go check out that store….I’m in need of some polka dot paper! I’m not crafty, but I like to think of all kinds of things to do….they just never turn out how I plan them in my head.

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