Two for one

Seven months ago, I moved. And about a month later, I decided to leave Texas. I started making inventory of what I was keeping, what I wasn’t … sold a ton of my decor at our GAYrage sale in the OC and was pretty much mentally cleaning house. I wasn’t in my usual decorating mood, not buying things that I would “just have to move” and everything just sorta of stayed … the same.


I can’t stand it. Plus add the fact that I’m most likely here in Texas for a longer stay than originally planned, means I’ve been in the mood to shop. But here’s the problem – I’m in transition. I hate how I’ve decorated for the last several years. It was all jewel tones and red: like a World Market and Pier One threw up in there. I blame it working in model homes through college. I would just sit in huge McMansion in Frisco and think that it was the shit. I’m so sick of it. It’s just typical and suburban. Very, well, Frisco …

So I’m all about bright, graphic prints currently (which I design with all day long) so it’s really no wonder that it would eventually roll over into my home. Love it, can’t get enough of white space, a modern damask or an over-sized flourish. So a very long story short, I’m redoing my bathroom first! :)

Here’s what’s hanging currently:

(I apologize for the grossly-colored “bathroom photo.”)

I bought the current shower curtain on the cheap when we needed something asap, after a bird died in our ceiling and maggots fell into the shower (no joke, and it was Halloween to boot!) It was literally the first and only dark brown shower curtain I could find the next day. I can’t remember where it came from, maybe Macy’s? It then made it’s way to the spare bathroom at my last apartment, where I barely looked at it for the next year. So now it’s in my only bathroom and I have to stare at it’s hideousness every single morning.

So here’s the dilemma – I’ve found two curtains that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! (And purchased, in a selfish moment.)

The first is from Target, gorgeous, with a dark brown fabric and flocked (velvet) teal dots, arranged in a unique pattern. It’s something I would always buy, but would blend in to the colors I have no. No muss, no fuss.

The second is a bright, bold pattern from Crate&Barrel. It has what I’m looking for: three colors to pull from and decorate with, light and airy and made of a supeir cotton-blend. It was also on sale (score!), and actually cheaper than the one from Target.


I just don’t know! I really need you peeps to decide for me, k? That would be so helpful. Maybe then, I’ll finally know which I truly prefer. And I can take the other back with in the return period!


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4 Responses to “Two for one”

  1. Poppies! « my heart behaves Says:

    […] it a couple of weeks ago. It’s currently resting in the bathroom, as it vaguely matches my shower curtain. (Basically it’s just in the same “green family,” but a severely different shade. […]

  2. donkeyfunny Says:

    Go with the green. Me likie!

  3. alymead Says:

    AND it is not nice to say you hate someone, jerk face. And my gum was quite nice. I ate the entire pack in one day. I’m like a recovering crack addict …

  4. alymead Says:

    Wait, so you design large graphic prints all day long? I want that job!! I’m jealous … yet again … (is that for that dude you told me about? I want to see examples!)

    Ok, and on to the dilemma …. Well, I like them both too. Though my leaning is to the dark brown one, just because I don’t normally decorate with bright greens and such. But maybe that’s why you should go with the green one? Since it’s different.

    I’m not good at dilemmas.

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