high art and low art

As a girl growing up in the ‘burbs, I took art classes like a millions other kids that weren’t into sports or band. The classes weren’t that special: basic still-life drawing, gradually moving into watercolors, maybe ceramics and jewelry-making your senior year.

I discovered graphic design (to some degree) in my newspaper and yearbook classes in high school, so long ago. I loved reading Seventeen and other mags, then, thinking one day I wanted to be the person that created it. I didn’t realize that was art, in its own respect, until many years later.

Seriously, it’s taken years to realize that art is everywhere. It’s not always something that can be framed or put on a pedestal. It can be the video you made of the leaves moving on your balcony, the pattern of your cat’s fur or a sketch that someone doodled in a meeting. It’s not how perfectly you can paint a self-portrait. (I used to think that’s what made art … if you could symmetrically draw a face. How wrong I was!)

It’s everywhere! And you and I can create it. It doesn’t matter.

My long and unorganized post brings me to this point: I’m determined to make things I love this year. I want to incorporate wood and fabrics and be more free. I just don’t want another mass-produced Van Gogh from Hobby Lobby (not that I haven’t enjoyed it these last several years Tara!) I know it’s brewing in me to have fun and not care what it comes out as anymore.

That being said, I have recently fell in love with fabrics and textile designs. I didn’t realize how beautiful they can be. It incorporated many things: good design, color! and quality. So I’m going thrifting this weekend, so find some old-school prints that I can use. Hopefully I’ll post something soon, even if it’s just a pic of a pile of good finds.

For sale on Etsy. Sorry, I've lost the link!

For sale on Etsy.com. Sorry, I've lost the link, but aren't they the cutest!?!


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